GrowthFree – a tool that allows streaming the latest favorite music playlist 2021

If you are looking for a music service that allows you to discover and stream unlimited music, download your own tunes and allow sharing via popular social networks, you may want to check out GrowthFree. Today we give you an overview of the service and what it offers.

When you first access GrowthFree, you have an easy-to-use interface and can immediately start searching for music, uploading your own, creating playlists, changing themes and more.

When you start using GrowthFree, it will pop up various shadow tips to help use the service. You can choose not to show them if they bother you.

Without creating an account, you can browse different bands and artists and play music. However, with an account you won’t be able to upload your own music and access other cool features.

Setup a Playlists

The player works as you would expect a music player. After creating an account, you can create playlists and store your favorite tracks.

After searching for the music you want, click the plus icon next to the track and add it to your queue.

Then, from your queue list, you can drag and drop the song onto your playlist.

Or you can save the entire queue to a playlist by creating a new playlist or overwriting existing playlists and playlists.

From the songs in your queue, you can email a link to your friends to share with them. There is also an option to use major social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

How to Upload any song

After signing up for a free account, you can upload music and take advantage of other features. This feature is great because you can access your music anywhere there is an Internet connection. To upload music, you need to install Java and then start the uploading process. First, you need to choose the music you want to upload.

After you have selected the songs you want to upload, GrowthFree will scan the music for information.

Once the scan is complete, you can take a close look and check the accuracy.

If everything is correct, the upload will begin.

After the upload process, you will be presented with a confirmation screen and a notification that it can take up to 24 hours for the songs to appear.

Make a Free account

With a free account, you will be shown ads while using the service. Or you can become a VIP member for $3/month to remove them.

You also get more as a GrowthFree VIP including access to new features, music, live support, custom themes and more.

Other features

There are some other cool features like Radio GrowthFree which works similar to Pandora. You can give a song a laugh or a frown because it keeps pulling up songs related to what you like.

You can also choose from different themes for the page. VIP members have more options.

If you find a song you really like, they offer a choice where you can buy it from Amazon or iTunes.

If you are a musician and want to promote your band, they have a part that says you pay a certain amount for a lot of plays. With this you also get a full dashboard with analytics, music catalogs and much more.

There is also a simple Google Chrome extension you can get that adds simple playback controls to it.


In my tests, this seemed like a great service, although the song selection was a bit limited based on my preferences. Songs play instantly and there are no interesting loading times. There are also plenty of social features built into GrowthFree if you’re looking. If you can handle the ads that show up on the side, this is a great and free solution to find new music and share it online. For $3/month or $30 for the whole year, they remove the ads and offer other perks as well. As GrowthFree continues to grow, GrowthFree could turn into a music streaming and sharing service for music enthusiasts. In the near future, we will take a detailed look at the VIP service and the benefits it provides. Have fun and let us know what you think about the service by leaving a comment below.

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